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Sólo el 0.007% del agua existente en la Tierra es potable, y esa cantidad se reduce año tras año debido a la contaminación.

Our understanding of what lies beneath the world’s biggest ice sheet has taken another leap forward. In this video we strip away Antarctic ice to reveal a new, and much more detailed map of the bedrock below. This map, called Bedmap2, was compiled by the British Antarctic Survey and incorporates millions of new measurements, including substantial data sets from NASA’s ICESat satellite and an airborne mission called Operation IceBridge.

Un adulto puede expulsar a través de sus ventosidades hasta dos litros de gas metano diarios.

In March, Coca-Cola won its court case to stop a popular and proven 10 cent recycling refund scheme in the Northern Territory — a program that has already doubled recycling rates in the territory, and operated successfully in South Australia for over 30 years saving tens of millions of plastic containers from ending up in our beaches and oceans. (más…) | Learn more about Google Earth Engine, a new platform that puts an unprecedented amount of satellite imagery and data — current and historical — online for the first time and enables global-scale monitoring and measurement of changes in the earth’s environment.

Como cada año, la iniciativa de WWF (World Wildlife Fund) “La hora del Planeta” ha llegado. Mañana a partir de las 20:30 más de 152 países de todo el mundo apagarán las luces durante una hora. (más…)