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Our understanding of what lies beneath the world’s biggest ice sheet has taken another leap forward. In this video we strip away Antarctic ice to reveal a new, and much more detailed map of the bedrock below. This map, called Bedmap2, was compiled by the British Antarctic Survey and incorporates millions of new measurements, including substantial data sets from NASA’s ICESat satellite and an airborne mission called Operation IceBridge.


This fantastic photograph of a hurricane on Saturn was recently snapped by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft.
It measures an astonishing 2,000 kilometers across the eye – that’s big enough to cover the UK TWELVE times. Wind speeds reach as fast as 150 meters per second.


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Hoy es un día especial, no solo por ser el día de San Valentín, sino por el asteroide 2012 DA14 que pasará rozando la Tierra a unos 27.700 km. Este acontecimiento no volverá a ocurrir hasta el 2046, según la NASA. (más…)